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Map of M4 Motorway Junctions

Map of the M4 motorway junctions.

map of main M4 junctions

West M4

To the West the M4 joins the M5 at M4 Junction 20 which heads north to Devon Cornwall and the South West of England.

The Western end of the M4 is in South Wales Junctions 23 to 48. Bridgend is on Junctions 25 to 37, M4 Junctions 44 and 45 for Swansea, Junctions 30 to 33 for Cardiff and Junctions 24 to 28 for Newport. 

 East M4

At the eastern end of the M4 is London, with Junctions for Slough, Reading, Newbury, Swindon and Bristol on the way to Wales in the West.

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Latest M4 Traffic News Updates

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Latest M4 Traffic News Updates

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